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About Us - Lake Forest High School

District Mission

“To inspire the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference.” Adopted 2011

Located 30 miles north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Forest High School serves the residents of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Knollwood. The community of 24,000, primarily business and professional residents, evidences a strong demand for excellence. The community is exceptionally supportive of its many diverse institutions. For Lake Forest High School, this assistance takes the form of college scholarships, foreign exchange programs, internships, funding of special equipment, underwriting leadership training and summer workshops for students and staff.
Originally built in 1935, the facilities and curricular offerings have had substantial and continual refinement to prepare LFHS students for life and work in an increasingly technological and competitive global economy. To support its challenging curriculum, Lake Forest High School offers state-of-the-art science and language labs, media center and student resource centers, a student publication center, photography labs, extensive technology enhancements including multimedia production areas, studio and auditorium theaters, modern music and practice spaces, a complete array of special education programs and services, extensive athletic facilities, a climbing wall and Olympic size swimming pool with diving well.
Emotional Wellness is an initiative threaded throughout the building curriculum and school community, which focuses on each student as a whole person - emotional intelligence and relational skills as well as intellectual and physical development.
The average tenure of faculty members at Lake Forest High School is 10 years and 95 percent of the faculty hold a master's degree or beyond. Members of the faculty have been instrumental in the development of Advanced Placement courses, serve on a number of state curriculum committees, and have authored articles in professional journals and textbooks.


Abeunt Studia in Mores, inscribed in stone over the main entrance, is the Lake Forest High School motto. Literally translated from the Latin it would read: Abeunt (“they leave” or “they go away from”), Studia (“eagerness, fondness, desire, striving after, devotion to, or “zeal”), in (“in” or “into”) and Mores (“morality, philosophy,” or “ethics”). Hence, it could be translated to read:

“They leave, striving after morality.”