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Rules & Regulations

Absences Defined
Cell Phones
Daily Attendance Procedures
Dress and Grooming
Extra-Curricular Event Behavior
Gangs And Gang-Like Activities Policy
Student Conduct/Expectations
Student Discipline Policy
Student Use Of Non-Academic Time

Reminder from the Dean’s office...

Lake Forest High school is a closed campus.
Students are expected to be on campus for the entire school day (7:50 am - 3:10 pm).

Parents need to seriously consider whether or not the reason for the student missing instructional time is warranted. An absence can not be excused if a student leaves campus without prior parental notification to the attendance or health office.  If a student is to be excused for an important appointment during the school day, the following procedures must be followed: Parental permission in the form of a note or phone call must be presented to the Attendance Office.  A dismissal pass for the teacher will be issued to the student if he/she must leave during class.  The student is responsible for securing the pass from the Attendance Office before that class period.  Lake Forest High School does not page students.  A student supervisor will be sent to a class for a student if necessary, however if a student is aware he/she is leaving for an appointment and has secured a dismissal pass, the pass is handed to the teacher and the student then signs out at Attendance. Whenever a messenger is sent to a classroom or a student must be reminded of a dismissal classroom instructions are interrupted.  Students must sign out at the Attendance Office and sign in upon return.

If you are dropping off anything for your child please drop it off at the front reception desk located directly through the front doors at LFHS.