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Archived Game Summaries/Results/Awards--Fall, 2012

Awards---Fall, 2012

2014  Connor Adams
2014  Benjamin Audley
2014  Oliver Babnik
2014  Joseph Beible
2014  Spencer Bleecker
2013  Baylor Broughton
2014  Stephen (Hub) Cirame
*2013  Chase Clemens
*2013  Andrew Clifford
*2013  Richard Daniels
*2013  Thomas Doherty
2014  Regis Durbin
2014  Peter Durot
*2013  John (Jack) Ellis
*2013  Andrew Freeman
2013  Nichloas Giordano
2014  David Glynn
2014  Patrick Halloran
2014  Matthew Harmon
2014  Conner Hayes
2014  Liam Howe
2014  David Keaton
2014  Henry Kiernan
*2013  Thomas Kutschke
2014  Jack Kutschke
2014  Thomas Loiacano
2014  Austin Mcllvaine
*2013  Alexander Moore
2013  Evan Mosier
2014  Charles Moss
*2013  Brian Murphy
2014  Andrew Nehring
2014  Andrew Allen Nelson
*2013  Scott Powell
2014  John (Jack) Preschlack
2014  Geno Quaid
2014  Joseph Schlosser
2014  Colin St. Amand
2014  Luke Staunton
2014  Daniel Sullivan
2015  John (Jack) Traynor
*2013  John (Jack) Troller
2014  Graham Weinberger
2014  Trent Williams
2013  Chris Wilson
2013  Mason Woods Kreppein
2014  Jack Yale
*4th year participant

Marlene Reinert
Mimi Tshobanova

2013  Thomas Doherty
2013  Andrew Clifford
2013  Thomas Kutschke
2013  Scott Powell

Benjamin Audley
Stephen Cirame
Thomas Doherty
Conner Hayes
Liam Howe
Jack Kutschke
Brian Murphy
John Preschlack
Geno Quaid
Luke Staunton
Daniel Sullivan
John Troller

Stephen (Hub) Cirame
Thomas Kutschke
Andrew Clifford
Jack Kutschke
Trent Williams
Honorable Mention
Peter Durot
Alexander Moore

NSC Sportsmanship Award
Alexander Moore

Andrew Clifford

Thomas Kutschke

Brian Murphy

Alexander Moore

John (Jack) Troller

Scott Powell

Tom Kutschke

Chris Wilson

W:  3        L:  3

W:  9               L: 3*

11/17/12 - Semi-Final Playoff Game
Lake Forest 21 - Cary-Grove 42

Despite the loss, the Scouts completed an amazing season with a capacity crowd! Congratulations to players and coaches.
First quarter: with 9:47 on the clock, the Scouts scored on their first offensive possession on a 32-yard touchdown from quarterback Andrew Clifford to junior Geno Quaid. Baylor Broughton PAT good---Score: Lake Forest 7 - Cary Grove 0.
Cary-Grove had a quick comeback---scoring with 9:06 on the clock. Score: Lake Forest 7 - Cary Grove 7; Lake Forest's field goal attempt with 7:09 on the clock is missed---score still tied at 7.
With 3:48 on the clock Cary-Grove scored again. Score: Lake Forest 7 - Cary Grove 14. Lake Forest scored on the last play of the quarter on a 5-yard touchdown by David Glynn on a pass from Andrew Clifford. Score: Lake Forest 14 - Cary Grove 14.
Second quarter: Cary-Grove scored again with 6:56 on the clock and with 1:40 left in the half. Score at half: Lake Forest 14 - Cary Grove 28.
Third quarter: Cary-Gove scored with 3:44 on the clock, making the score Lake Forest 14 - Cary-Grove 35. With 1:48 on the clock, Lake Forest scored its final touchdown on a 25-yard pass from Clifford to Glynn and a PAT by Broughton. Score: Lake Forest 21 - Cary-Grove 35
Fourth quarter: Final touchdown by Cary-Grove with 3:26 on the clock. Final Score: Lake Forest 21 - Cary Grove 42.
Quarterback Andrew Clifford--
17-for-31, 222 yards, 3 touchdown passes

11/09/12 - Quarter-Final Playoff Game
Lake Forest 31 - Notre Dame 19
The Scouts advance to the Semi-Final Round for the first time since 1978


First quarter: After a fumble recovery at Niles 12-yd. line, Stephen Cirame ran to the 1-yd. line and scored on a 1-yd plunge into the end zone with 3 minutes on the clock. Baylor Broughton's PAT was good. Score: Lake Forest 7 - Notre Dame 0 with 2:45 left in first quarter and at the end of the quarter

Second quarter: A 2-yd. touchdown run by Notre Dame and a missed field goal made the score Lake Forest 7 - Notre Dame 6 with 11:27 on the clock. Nick Giordano scored on a 61-yd. touchdown pass from Andrew Clifford with 10:28 on the clock. Broughton's PAT was good to make the score Lake Forest 14 - Notre Dame 6. With 6:02 left in the first half, Nick Giordano caught a 6-yd. touchdown pass from Clifford and Broughton's PAT was good---Score LF 16 - Notre Dame 6. With 12 seconds on the clock, Notre Dame scored on a 34-yd. pass and PAT. Score at half-time: Lake Forest 21 - Notre Dame 13

Third quarter: Running game for Notre Dame took up time during the third quarter but didn't result in any points. Trent Williams made his third sack in the quarter. Jack Troller made a catch on the 10-yd line from Regis Durbin to end the third quarter.

Fourth quarter: The Scouts went for a Baylor Broughton 27-yd field goal with 11:17 on the clock to start the fourth quarter. Score: Lake Forest 24 - Notre Dame 13. Trent Williams gets his fourth sack. Geno Quaid made an interception, but the Scouts could not capitalize on the play and score. With 2:37 on the clock, Chris James scored for Notre Dame, but the 2-point conversion was no good. Wtih 1:46 left in the game, Stephen Cirame scored on a 56-yd. run and a Broughton PAT to make the final score Lake Forest 31 - Notre Dame 19.
Gino Quaid ended the game with his second interception of the night with 24 seconds on the clock. Andrew Clifford --13-of-24 passing, 162 yards, 2 TDs; Defensive line was kept busy keeping ND's Chris James out of the end zone.
Lake Forest will play Cary Grove at LFHS Varsity Field---day and time TBA

11/02/12 - Second Round Playoff Game
Lake Forest 23 - Lakes 21

In a close game all four quarters, ( LF 6 - Lakes 7 at the end of one quarter; LF 13 - Lakes 14 at the half; LF 20 - Lakes 21 at end of third quarter) it came down to a field goal made by Baylor Broughton with 1:09 left in the game and a missed field goal by Lakes with 6 seconds on the clock. Defense played another key role in holding Lakes star running back Direll Clark to just 46 yards on 17 carries. QB Andrew Clifford -- 15-of -24 passing for 167 yards.
Next up: Notre Dame of Niles (8-3)
After Trent Williams blocked a Lake's punt, Tommy Doherty scored from the 2-yd line in first quarter with 7:54 on clock.
With 4:55 left on the clock in the second quarter, Andrew Clifford scored on a 1-yd. plunge; Baylor Broughton--PAT
With 9:12 on the clock in the third quarter, Nick Giordano scored on a 35-yd run from scrimmage on a pass from Andrew Clifford. Broughton--PAT
With 3:53 on the clock in the fourth quarter, Trent Williams recovered a Lakes' fumble to give the Scouts the ball. Scouts move the ball to the 8-yd line on 4 plays.
Baylor Broughton's 26-yd field goal with 1:09 left in the fourth quarter provides winning margin. Read more here


10/26/12 - First Round of Playoffs
Lake Forest 42 - Rolling Meadows 24
Rolling Meadows led 21-7 at half-time, but Lake Forest scored five times after half-time while holding Rolling Meadows to just a field goal on their way to victory. Quarterback Andrew Clifford (26-for-45 for 285 yards) threw for all 3 of his touchdowns in the second half.
TD on 3-yd run (Broughton PAT)
TD on 20-yd pass from Clifford (Broughton PAT)
TD on 51-yd fumble return (Broughton PAT)
TD on 9-yd pass from Clifford (Broughton PAT)
TD on 2-yd pass from Clifford (Broughton PAT)
TD on 25-yd interception return (Broughton PAT)

Lake Forest 42 - Mundelein 7

Lake Forest 18 - Warren 21

Warren scored on a 1-yard run with 46 seconds left in the game to cap a 14-play, 60-yard drive, and Lake Forest missed a 39-yard field goal as time expired--giving host Warren an important 21-18 victory over Lake Forest.
Broughton: 24-yd. field goal; 27-yd. field goal;
Murphy: TD on 13-yd. pass from Clifford
Cirame: TD on 4-yd run
Clifford: 28-of-44 passing for 263 yards

Lake Forest 16 - Stevenson 22 (OT)
Consecutive pass interference calls in the end zone allowed the Patriots to kick a game-tying field goal with no time left in the game against the Scouts. Stevenson then scored on its first overtime possession while stopping the Scouts on downs in their only overtime possession.
24 yd. field goal; 22 yd. field goal; 24-yd. field goal
10-yd run TD; Broughton--PAT

Lake Forest 33 - Libertyville 13

A strong defense once again held opponents to 13 points for the third game in a row. The Libertyville scores came first on a 100-yd kick-off return by Justin Guarnaccio with 9:10 on the clock in the first quarter to tie the game at 7-7 and on a 7-yd. run by Conor Simpson with 2:33 left in the fourth quarter to end the game at 33-13.

First quarter: The Scouts scored first with 9:22 on the clock in the first quarter on a 55-yard fumble recovery by Trent Williams and a PAT by Baylor Broughton, making the score 7-0. Libertyville tied it up on the 100-yd. kick-off return--tying the score at 7-7.
With 3:26 on the clock Hub Cirame scored on a 3-yd pass from Andrew Clifford; Broughton made the PAT. Score: LF 14 - Libertyville 7.

2nd quarter; Hub Cirame scored on a 2-yd run from scrimmage with 2:55 left on the clock; PAT was no good. Score at the half: LF 20 - Libertyville 7

3rd quarter: With 6:00 minutes on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a field-goal.
Score: LF 23 - Libertyville 7
With 2:57 left in the third quarter, Scott Powell scored on a 20-yd pass from Clifford; Broughton PAT was good. Score: LF 30 - Libertyville 7

4th quarter: With 6:16 on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a 25-yd field goal.
Score: LF 33 - Libertyville 7
Libertyville added 6 points with 2:33 on the clock. Final score: LF 33 - Libertyville 13

Lake Forest 41 - Zion Benton 13
The Scouts came out with a vengeance after having to forfeit their game against Lake Zurich last week.

In the first quarter, the first score came on a pass from Andrew Clifford to Scott Powell with 7:37 on the clock. Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT to make the score 7-0 in favor of the Scouts. With 4:50 on the clock, Hub Cirami scored on a 31-yard run from scrimmage; the PAT was no good. Score: LF 13 - ZB 0. The next score came with 4:10 on the clock on a 4-yard run from scrimmage by Hub Cirami and a PAT by Baylor Broughton.
Score at end of first quarter: : LF 20 - ZB 0

In the second quarter, Nick Giordano scored on a pass from Clifford and Broughton made another PAT to make the score 27-0 in favor of LF with 2:20 left in the quarter. With 32 seconds on the clock, Hub Cirami scored on a 20-yard run from scrimmage and another PAT by Broughton made the score 34-0. The final score came with 17 seconds on the clock on an interception by Thomas Doherty and a PAT by Broughton.
Score at half-time: LF 41 - ZB 0 (Third shutout for starting defense)

With the starters on the sidelines for the second half, the Zee Bees scored twice in the fourth quarter. The Scouts play Libertyville on Friday, Sept. 28, their last regular season home game.

Lake Forest 20 - Lakes 13

Lakes was the first to score with 5:40 on the clock in the first quarter to make the score 7-0. With 1:18 on the clock David Glynn scored on a 32-yard catch from Andrew Clifford and a PAT by Baylor Broughton to tie the score at 7, which was the score at the end of the quarter. This was the first time LF scored in the first quarter this season. The score remained tied at the half.

In the second half, Lakes was the first to score with 5:16 on the clock, but missed the point after. The Scouts' possession culminated in a 9-yard touchdown run by Cirame and a missed PAT by Broughton to tie the score at 13 with 2:42 left in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, penalties pushed the Scouts back as they were making a nice drive and gave the ball back to Lakes. On the Scouts next possession, a 41-yard touchdown pass from Clifford to David Glynn and a PAT by Broughton made the score 20-13 with 5:01 on the clock. The defense held Lakes on their last drive and LF got the ball back on downs with 1:33 on the clock. For the game: David Glynn--95 yards receiving, 2 scores; Andrew Clifford--13 of 25 for 162 yards passing and 2 touchdowns; Stephen Cirame--24 carries, 112 yards rushing.

Lake Forest 23 - Highland Park 0

Another first quarter with no score, but the Scouts managed another win.
Second quarter: Quarterback Andrew Clifford found David Glynn for three passes totaling 76 yards.....including a 40-yard touchdown that made it 9-0 with 1:26 left to play in the half.

For the game, Clifford completed 11 of his 19 passes for 154 yards and one touchdown while Glynn caught six passes for 123 yards.

For the season, defense has held opponents to 7 points.

08/24/12-Season Home Opener
Lake Forest 28 - Buffalo Grove 7

Offense, defense and special teams were very effective in the home opener. First quarter ended with no score. With 9:35 on the clock in the second quarter, Brian Murphy scored on a pass from Andy Clifford. Baylor Broughton made the PAT to give Lake Forest a 7 - 0 lead. The next score came with 3:24 on the clock in the second quarter on a pass from Andy Clifford to Hub Cirame and a PAT by Baylor Broughton--Lake Forest 14-BG 0.

A touchdown by Hub Cirame and a PAT by Baylor Broughton in the third quarter made it

The last score for LF came in the fourth quarter with 9:53 on the clock when Regis Durbin ran the ball in from the 1-yd line and Broughton added another PAT for a 28-0 score. Buffalo Grove got their only score with 3:54 left in the 4th quarter---ending the game 28-7.

Andrew Clifford---17-for-25 passing for 233 yards and two touchdowns
Hub Cirame---13 carries for 94 yards and two touchdowns

Archived Game Summaries/Results/Awards--Fall, 2011

Awards---Fall, 2011-2012

*2012  Alexander Athenson
*2012  Jordan Beck
*2012  Luke Bernardi
*2012  Cole Bevis
2013  Baylor Broughton
2014  Stephen Cirame
2013  Chase Clemens
2013  Andrew Clifford
2013  Richard Daniels
*2012  Grant Dethlefsen
*2012  David (Bo) Dever
2013  Thomas Doherty
*2012  Cameron Douglass
2014  Peter Durot
*2012  John (Duke) Durot
2013  John (Jack) Ellis
2013  John Faerber
*2012  Connor Ford
2013  Andrew Freeman
*2012  Tyler Funk
2014  David Glynn
*2012  Connor Glynn
*2012  Dominick Keefe
2013  Daniel Kriss
2012  John Kurzydlo
2013  Thomas Kutschke
2014  Jack Kutschke
*2012  John (Luke) Landsell
*2012  Morgan Layton
*2012  John Marwede
2012  John McCormick
2012  James McKegg
*2012  Brandon Moccia
2013  Alexander Moore
*2012  Samuel Moran
2013  Evan Mosier
2013  Brian Murphy
*2012  Brandt Pfeifer
2013  Alexander Plonsker
2013  Scott Powell
2013  Derek Pristou
2013  Michael Reda
2013  Thomas Seibert
*2012  Philip Sheridan
2013  John (Jack) Troller
*2012  Matthew Wagener
2013  Patrick Wald
*2012  Benjamin Warren
2014  Trent Williams
*2012  H. Owen Williams
2012  Timothy Wilson
2013  Chris Wilson
*4th year participant

Jordan Beck
H. Owen Williams

Marlene Reinert
Mihaela (Mimi) Tshobanova

Alexander Athenson
Cole Bevis
Grant Dethlefsen
Thomas Doherty
Cameron Douglass
John (Duke) Durot
John Marwede
Samuel Moran
Brian Murphy
Philip Sheridan
Matthew Wagener
Benjamin Warren
Timothy Wilson

Jordan Beck
David (Bo) Dever
Grant Dethlefsen
Dominick Keefe
Thomas Kutschke
Brandt Pfeifer
H. Owen Williams
Honorable Mention
Luke Bernardi
Benjamin Warren

Jordan Beck

Dominick Keefe

H. Owen Williams

Luke Bernardi
Brendan Moccia

Philip Sheridan
Timothy Wilson

David (Bo) Dever

Grant Dethlefsen

Benjamin Warren

Brandt Pfeifer

Matthew Wagener

W:  6               L:  1
NSC Conference Champs (3 way tie)

W:  8               L: 3

Lake Forest 17 - Batavia 31

The Scouts led the Bulldogs 17-10 with 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter; unfortunately, Batavia came back with 21 unanswered points in the remaining time.....putting an end to their 8-3 season--the most wins in a Scouts' season since 1996. Congratulations Scouts!

Lake Forest 55 - Fenton 20
Lake Forest Wins First Round of Playoffs!

First Quarter:
With 7:20 on the clock, Fenton scored first on a 38-yd touchdown pass but miss the two-point conversion to make the score LF 0 - Fenton 6. With 2:07 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 21-yd run from scrimmage. The extra point attempt was blocked twice by Fenton. Score: LF 6 - Fenton 6 With 1:26 on the clock, David Glynn intercepted the ball for LF, which placed the ball on the 11-yd line. With :45 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 2-yd run from scrimmage; the 2-point conversion was no good: Score: LF 12 - Fenton 6
Second Quarter:
With 11:53 on the clock, Lake Forest scored on a safety following a high snap that ended up in the end zone. Score: LF 14 - Fenton 6
With 9:55 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 23-yd run from scrimmage; Baylor Broughton added the PAT. Score LF 21 - Fenton 6 With 6:47 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 13-yd run from scrimmage. Baylor Broughton added the PAT. Score: LF 28 - Fenton 6
First half--Jordan Beck 5 for 10 passing, 79 yards; Luke Bernard caught 4 passes, 68 yrds
Third Quarter:
With 11:47 on the clock, Matt Wagener intercepted a Bison pass and scored on a 36-yd run from scrimmage. Baylor Broughton added another PAT. Score: LF 35 - Fenton 6 With 9:24 on the clock, Owen Williams 51-yd touchdown run was called back because of a Scout penalty. With 6:51 on the clock, Lake Forest scored again on a 7-yd pass play from Jordan Beck to Duke Durot. Broughton missed the PAT. Score: LF 41 - Fenton 6 With 2:40 on the clock, Hub Cirame scored on a 26-yd run from scrimmage and Baylor Broughton added the PAT. Score: LF 48 - Fenton 6
Fourth Quarter:
With 9:02 on the clock, Fenton scored but missed the 2-point conversion. Score: LF 48 - Fenton 12 With 6:49 on the clock, Scott Powell scored on a 94-yd run from scrimmage; Broughton added the PAT. Score: LF 55 - Fenton 12 The final TD and 2-point conversion for Fenton came with 2:21 left in the game. Final Score: LF 55 - Fenton 20
Owen Williams--126 yards on 16 carries; Jordan Beck--10/24 for 124 yds; another solid performance by the defensive line--Brant Pfeifer #9, Tom Kutschke #75, Alex Plonsker #53, Tyler Funk #51, Rich Daniels #71

Lake Forest will play Batavia next weekend.

Lake Forest (7-2, 5-1) 25 - Libertyville 9

The win gives Lake Forest a share (with Lake Zurich and Stevenson) of the North Suburban Conference Lake title for the first time since 1995.

Libertyville led 9-0 at half-time, but in the third quarter, Owen Williams scored on runs of 30, 40 and 90 yards on his only carries of the period. He also produced a two-point PAT run. In the fourth quarter with 1:39 on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a 46-yard field goal to close out the scoring.

Lake Forest (6-2, 4-1) 6 - Lake Zurich 16

First quarter:
With 7:54 on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a 27-yard field goal--LF 3 - LZ 0; With 4:16 on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a 26-yard field goal--LF 6 - LZ 0; With 29.7 seconds on the clock, LZ kicks a 26-yard field goal--LF 6 - LZ 3
Second quarter:
With 9:59 on the clock, Lake Zurich scores on a 40-yard run and misses extra point--LZ 9 - LF 6
Fourth quarter:
With 3:18 on the clock, Lake Zurich scored on a 49-yard pass play and added the extra point.--LZ 16 - LF 6, which was the final score.

Lake Forest (6-1, 4-0) 27 - Warren 19

Lake Forest takes over sole possession of first place in the Lake division as a result of Lake Zurich's ( 5-2, 3-1) loss to Stevenson 24-17.
First quarter:
With 5:41 on the clock, Luke Bernardi scored on a 10-yd pass from Jordan Beck. PAT was missed---making the score LF 6 - Warren 0. Luke Landsell recovered a Warren fumble, placing the ball on the 20-yd line. A pass from Beck to Cameron Douglass put the ball on the 2-yd line. With 1:35 on the clock, Jordan Beck scored from the 1-yd line. The 2-point conversion on a pass from Beck to Luck Bernardi was good. Score at the end of the first quarter: Lake Forest 14 - Warren 0
Second quarter: With 10:51 on the clock, Warren missed a field-goal try. With 7:47 on the clock, Luke Bernardi scored again on a 21-yd pass from Andrew Clifford. The PAT by Baylor Broughton was good to make the score Lake Forest 21 - Warren 0. With 6:08 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 60-yd run from scrimmage; the PAT was blocked. Warren scored with 2:17 left in the first half. Score at half-time: Lake Forest 27 - Warren 7
Third quarter:
With 8:02 on the clock, Munda scored for Warren; PAT was no good. Score at end of third quarter: Lake Forest 27 - Warren 13
Fourth quarter:
With 9:34 on the clock, Warren scored to make the score LF 27 - Warren 19. An interception by Ben Warren with 1:24 on the clock stopped Warren's final scoring drive.
Defense, led by Tom Kutschke and Brandt Pfeifer, once again held off a late drive by an opponent.

Lake Forest (5-1, 3-0) 10 - Stevenson 7

First quarter: With 6:18 on the clock, Baylor Broughton kicked a field goal to make the score Lake Forest 3 - Stevenson 0
Second & Third quarters: The defensive line continued to hold the Patriots scoreless.
Fourth quarter: With 7:48 on the clock, Jordan Beck lofted a 26-yard screen pass to Owen Williams for a touchdown and Baylor Broughton added the PAT to make the score 10-0 in favor of the Scouts. Stevenson scored on a 17-yd run from scrimmage with 5:37 on the clock to make the score 10-7, but missed the 32-yard field-goal attempt with 2:06 on the clock---which would have tied the game. The Scouts held on for the 10-7 win! Beck finished the game 15-for-23 for 156 yards.

09/23/11 - Homecoming
Lake Forest (4-1) 56 - North Chicago 12

First quarter:
With 7:52 on the clock, an Owen Williams TD was called back because of a holding penalty by the Scouts. With 7:34 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 1-yd. run from scrimmage and Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT. (Lake Forest 7 - NC 0) With 4:16 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 10-yd run from scrimmage. Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT (Lake Forest 14 - NC 0) With 1:39 on the clock Owen Williams scored on a 30-yd pass from Andrew Clifford and Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT. Score 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.
Second quarter:
With 9:23 on the clock, North Chicago scored a touchdown and the kick was blocked by Jack Kutschke. (LF 21 - NC 6) With 9:07 on the clock, Owen Williams scored again on a 65-yd. run from scrimmage. Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT (LF 28 - NC 6) With 3:45 on the clock, Owen Williams scored on a 50-yd pass by Jordan Beck and another PAT by Baylor Broughton (LF 35 - NC 6) Owen Williams scored again with 3:01 on the clock and another PAT by Baylor Broughton made the score 42-6 at the end of the first half.
Third quarter:
With 10:46 on the clock, Cameron Douglass scored on a TD pass from Andrew Clifford. (LF 49 - NC 6) With 2:45 on the clock, North Chicago scored to make the score 49-12
Fourth quarter:
With 9:36 on the clock, Stephen Cirame ran for 11-yd. touchdown and Baylor Broughton kicked another PAT to make the final score LF 56 - NC 12.

09/ 16/11
Lake Forest 33 - Zion Benton 12

The Scouts improved to 3-1 overall and 2-0 in the NSC Lake Division.
2nd quarter:
Quarterback Andrew Clifford entered the game and proceeded to toss a 41-yard touchdown pass to Luke Bernardi to open the game’s scoring with 3:20 left in the first half. Baylor Broughton kicked the extra point for the 7-0 lead.

Broughton added a 30-yard field goal as time ran out in the second quarter to give the Scouts a 10-0 advantage at halftime.

Third quarter: Lake Forest put the game away with three scores in the first 13 minutes of the second half on a 5-yard run by Owen Williams, a 43-yard field goal by Broughton and a 3-yard run by Andrew Clifford to increase its lead to 26-0 with 11:27 left in the game

Fourth quarter: Luke Bernardi caught another short TD pass of six yards midway into the final quarter from starting QB Jordan Beck (10- for-19, 174 yards) for Lake Forest’s final points of the game.

For homecoming, Lake Forest will host North Chicago in a non-division game on Friday, September 23, at 7:30 PM.

Lake Forest 49 - Mundelein 0

First quarter:
With 7:36 on the clock, Owen Williams scored the first touchdown on a 1-yd run from scrimmage; Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT. With 5:44 on the clock, Owen Williams scored the second touchdown on an 80-yard run from scrimmage; Baylor Broughton kicked the PAT. Score at end of first quarter: 14-0
Second quarter: With 11:47 on clock, a touchdown by Owen Williams was called back because of an illegal hold by the Scouts, but with 8:01 on the clock Williams scored on a 67-yard run from scrimmage and a PAT by Broughton made the score 21-0. A touchdown pass by Jordan Beck to Bo Dever with 5:44 on the clock and another PAT by Broughton resulted in a half-time score of 28-0 in favor of the Scouts.
Third quarter: With 5:26 on the clock, Jordan Beck scored on a 5-yd run from scrimmage and another PAT for Broughton. Scott Powell added another touchdown with a 45-yd run from scrimmage and another PAT by Broughton to make the score 42-0 at the end of the third quarter.
Fourth quarter: Sophomore Stephen Cirame provided the final scoring with a 96-yd run from scrimmage and another PAT by Broughton resulted in a final score of 49-0.

Defense forced three turnovers: an interception by Ben Warren, 2 fumble recoveries by Jack Kutschke and another by Nick Keefe. View another video of the game

Lake Forest is at Zion Benton next Friday, Sept 16 at 7:30PM.

Lake Forest 41 - Highland Park 8

Scouts total offense
--532 yards; defense forced 3 HP turnovers
Owen Williams--rushed for 184 yards on 11 carries; touchdown runs of 70, 4 and 74 yards
Jordan Beck--
completed 7 of 10 passes for 204 years; 62-yard touchdown pass to Bo Dever
Luke Bernardi--
37-yard touchdown run
Andrew Clifford--
completed pass to Scott Power for 26-yard touchdown
Lake Forest vs Highland Park

Lake Forest 24 - Buffalo Grove 31

The Bison stretched the lead to 31-17 in the fourth quarter, but Lake Forest refused to quit--thanks largely to the work of quarterback Jordan Beck. The Scout senior had touchdown runs of 2 and 59 yards and also completed a 6-yard TD pass to Bo Dever in the fourth quarter.

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Archived Game Summaries/Results/Awards--Fall, 2010

Awards---Fall, 2010-2011

*2011  John (Jack) Andersen
2012  Alexander Athenson
2012  Jordan Beck
*2011  Zachary Beible
2012  Luke Bernardi
2012  Cole Bevis
*2011  Paul (PJ) Carollo
*2011  Connor Cavalaris
*2011  Ralph Claveria
*2011  Cameron Crowe
*2011  Tyson Dethlefsen
*2011  Blake Dethlefsen
2012  Grant Dethlefsen
2012  David (Bo) Dever
2011  Benjamin Dorau
2012  Cameron Douglass
*2011  Paul Dugan
2012  John (Duke) Durot
*2011  Jason Fleisner
2012  Connor Ford
2012  Tyler Funk
2011  Henry (Hank) Gloor
2012  Connor Glynn
*2011  Matthew Harrison
*2011  Jacob Hellinga
*2011  Brian Hruskocy
*2011  Terrance (TJ) Jackson
*2011  Michael Karacic
*2011  Max Keefe
2012  Dominick Keefe
*2011  Michael Kilburg
*2011  Thomas Kinzer
2012  John (Luke) Landsell
2012  Morgan Layton
2012  John Marwede
2012  James McKegg
2012  Brandon Moccia
2012  Samuel Moran
2012  Brandt Pfeifer
2012  Dustin Phelps
*2011  Kenneth Schick
*2011  Andrew Shaw
2012  Philip Sheridan
*2011  Michael Simet
*2011  Charles Smith
*2011  Benjamin Speigel
2012  Bradley Stambolic
*2011  Herbert (Parker) Stride
*2011  Michael Sullivan
2012  Matthew Wagener
2012  Benjamin Warren
*2011  John (Jack) Wassmer
*2011  Charles Weinberger
2012  Owen Williams
2012  Timothy Wilson
*4 year participation

Joe Hargitt

Connor Cavalaris
Cameron Crowe
Michael Karacic
Max Keefe

John (Jack) Andersen
Alexander Athenson
Cole Bevis
Paul (PJ) Carollo
Ralph Claveria
Blake Dethlefsen
Grant Dethlefsen
Tyson Dethlefsen
Cameron Douglass
John (Duke) Durot
Michael Karacic
Thomas Kinzer
John Marwede
Samuel Moran
Andrew Shaw
Philip Sheridan
Michael Simet
Benjamin Speigel
Herbert (Parker) Stride
Matthew Wagener
Benjamin Warren
Charles Weinberger

Connor Cavalaris
Tyson Dethlefson
Jacob Helinga
Terrance (TJ) Jackson
Max Keefe
Owen Williams
Honorable Mention
Michael Karacic

Owen Wlliams

Max Keefe

Terrance (TJ) Jackson

Paul (PJ) Carollo

Ralph Claveria

Jacob Hellinga

Tyson Dethlefson

Cameron Crowe

Michael Karacic

Connor Cavalaris

W:  3                       L:  3

W:  7                  L:  4

11/07/10--Congratulations on a Great Season!
Lake Forest 17 - Crystal Lake South 28 (2nd Round of Play offs)
The Scouts (7-4) took a 7-3 lead into halftime on a seven-yard pass from Jordan Beck to Jacob Hellinga.The Scouts’ quarterbacks, Paul Carollo (9 for 18 and 103 yards) and Jordan Beck (8 for 14 and 84 yards) were intercepted five times by the Gators’ defense. Sam Moran kicked a 28-yard field goal to regain the lead 17-15 with 6:57 left in the game. The Gators came back with 2 touchdowns in the final three minutes of the game to seal the victory.

Lake Forest 45 - Shepard HS 25 (First Round of Play offs)
First quarter:
Owen Williams scored with 9:38 left on the clock; Ken Schick made the PAT
Scouts scored 24 points in the second quarter to take a 31-3 advantage at the break:
Jacob Hellinga scored on a 58-yard pass from Jordan Beck; Ken Schick made the PAT
Owen Williams (11 carries, 181 yards, 2 TDs; 2 catches, 57 yards, TD) scored on a 56-yard TD pass from Paul Carollo and another PAT for Ken Schick;
Beck connected with T. J. Jackson for a 54-yard tally and a third PAT for Schick;
Sam Moran kicked a field goal with 19 seconds left in the half.
Lake Forest took a 45-3 lead into the third quarter.
Shepard scored 22 unanswered points after the running clock was established. (read more)

Lake Forest 14 - Lake Zurich 17
Lake Zurich won the game on a field goal with 1 second left in the fourth quarter.

Senior QB Paul Carollo (9-for-14, 101 yards, INT) scored twice on short TD runs to push Lake Forest ahead just before the half. With 9:25 on the clock in the fourth quarter, Lake Zurich tied the game.

Junior Owen Williams led the rushing attack with 53 tough yards on 17 carries. Senior wideout Jacob Hellinga hauled in six catches for 97 yards for the Scouts.

Lake Forest 21 - Vernon Hills 0
Lake Forest scored on three straight first-half possessions and intercepted three passes in the second half to keep the Cougars from scoring for the first time this season. Vernon Hills’ long shutout streak ended on Lake Forest’s second possession of the game when Owen Williams scored on a 24-yard run.

After a bad punt, Lake Forest took over inside the Cougar's 30-yard line and scored on a 24-yard pass from Paul Carollo to Bo Dever. The next time the Scouts got the ball, Carollo completed a game-deciding 83-yard drive with a one-yard plunge on fourth down with 3:30 left in the half. The Scouts (6-2) play Lake Zurich in the last regularly-scheduled home game on Friday, October 22.

Lake Forest 55 - Mundelein 20

Lake Forest 13 - Warren 28
Warren led 21-0 at halftime, but the Scouts rallied as Connor Cavalaris went 69 yards to score on an interception and Jacob Hellinga (5 catches, 85 yards) caught a 44-yard pass from P.J. Carollo (11 of 18, 1 TD, 174 yards).

Lake Forest then blocked a punt near midfield, but couldn’t move the ball, and Warren then secured the win on Lindal’s 21-yard TD with 4:01 left to play.

Lake Forest 20 - Stevenson 41
The Scouts trailed 34-0 to Stevenson late in the second quarter, but quarterback Jordan Beck helped Lake Forest score 20 straight points to make it 34-20 heading into the fourth quarter. Stevenson defensive back Troy Radtke picked off a pass in his own end zone stopping another LF scoring attempt while Stevenson would go on to score once more.

Lake Forest 55 - Libertyville 37

Scoring for LF began after Tom Kinzer intercepted a Libertyville pass. PJ Carollo scored the first touchdown on an 18-yard run from scrimmage and a PAT by Ken Schick to make the score 7-0 with 7:30 on the clock in the first quarter. The quarter ended with that same score. The second quarter scoring began with a 13-yard run from scrimmage by Owen Williams and a PAT by Ken Schick to make the score 14-0. Libertyville scored--making the score Scouts 14 - Libertyville 7 with 11:38 left in the second quarter. PJ Carollo scored the third TD on a 5-yard run and Ken Schick made good on another PAT to make the score LF 21 - Libertyville 7. Libertyville got to 9 points as a result of a safety with 4:36 left on the clock. LF answered with a 28-yard run by Owen Williams for the 4th touchdown and another PAT by Schick. After Connor Cavalaris intercepted a Libertyville pass with 39 seconds in the half, Jordan Beck scored on an 8-yard run from scrimmage and another PAT for Schick---score at the half: LF 35 - Libertyville 9

Third quarter scoring began with a TJ Carollo pass to Jake Hellinga, which covered 8 yards from scrimmage for the 6th touchdown of the game and the 6th PAT for Ken Schick. Libertyville scored with 9:16 left in the third quarter, making the score 42-16 and scored again with 4:37 left on the clock to bring the score up to 42-23 to end the third quarter.

Libertyville scored again with 10:23 on the clock in the fourth quarter. With the score LF 42 and Libertyville 30, Owen Williams scored on a 57-yard run from scrimmage with 8:19 left in the game. The PAT was not good---score standing at LF 48 - Libertyville 30. Libertyville added another touchdown with 8:06 on the clock, but the Scouts responded with one of their own on a 4-yd run from scrimmage by TJ Jackson and a PAT by Ken Schick. Connor Cavalaris interception with 6:22 on the clock ended Libertyville's scoring drive. Final Score: Lake Forest 55 - Libertyville 37

Lake Forest 42 - Zion Benton 7

Lake Forest celebrated Homecoming by crushing Zion-Benton in the conference opener for both teams. LF scored 42 points in the first half:
*Jake Hellinga returned a punt for the first touchdown with PAT by Ken Schick.
*Pass by PJ Carollo (6 of 8, 83 yards, 1 TD) to Jake Hellinga for the second touchdown at the end of the first quarter and a PAT by Ken Schick.
*Jordan Beck scored on a 13-yard run from scrimmage for the third touchdown and PAT by Ken Schick.
*The fourth touchdown came on a Jordan Beck (5 of 7, 87 yards, 2 TDs) pass to Owen Williams with a PAT by Ken Schick.
*Owen Williams scored the fifth touchdown on a 34-yard run from scrimmage with another PAT by Ken Schick and after an interception by TJ Jackson with 1:30 left in the second quarter,
* Cam Douglass scored on a pass from Jordan Beck with a final PAT by Schick to end the half 42-0. With the clock running, Zion scored with 9:37 left in the fourth quarter to make the final score 42-7.

Lake Forest 42 - Brooks College Prep HS - 0

Lake Forest 28 - Palatine 21

Archived Game Summaries/Results/Awards--Fall, 2009

Best 1-2 Punch:
QB Tommy Rees/WR Connor Moutvic
Pioneer Press All-Lake
First Team:

QB: Tommy Rees
OL: Colton Kunde

Second Team:
End: Connor Moutvic
Honorable Mention: RB: TJ Jackson
Third Team: DL: Charlie Murphy
Honorable Mention: Max Keefe
Awards---Fall, 2009

2010  Elias Ajaga
2011  William Anagnos
2011  John (Jack) Andersen
2010  Victor Battaglia
2011  Zachary Beible
2010  Brendan Buss
2011  Paul Carollo
2011  Connor Cavalaris
2011  Ralph Claveria
2011  Cameron Crowe
2010  Michael Dent
2011  Tyson Dethlefsen
2011  Blake Dethlefsen
2012  David (Bo) Dever
2010  Charles DeYoung
2010  Michael Dobbins
2011  Paul Dugan
2011  Jason Gunning
2011  Matthew Harrison
2011  Jacob Hellinga
2011  Brian Hruskocy
2011  Terrance Jackson
2011  Michael Karacic
2011  Max Keefe
2011  Michael Kilburg
2011  Thomas Kinzer
2010  Colton Kunde
2010  Patrick Looby
2011  Thomas Moore
2010  Connor Moutvic
2010  Charlie Murphy
2011  Michael Novas
2010  Andrew O’Neill
2011  Daniel Pasquesi
2010  Kevin Peterson
2010  Alexander Polito
2010  Anthony Quall
2010  Thomas Rees
2010  Evan Rivera
2011  Connor Santee
2011  Kenneth Schick
2011  Andrew Shaw
2011  Michael Simet
2010  Forrest (Grant) Simms
2011  Charles Smith
2011  Benjamin Speigel
2011  Benjamin Straits
2011  Herbert (Parker) Stride
2011  Michael Sullivan
2011  Aaron Thaete
2011  Clayton Tolmie
2010  Colburn Trutter
2011  Marvin Vazquez
2011  John (Jack) Wassmer
2011  Charles Weinberger
2012  H. Owen Williams
2010  Bryan Zegers


2010  Stephen Blowers
2012  Christian Kneifel
2013  Joseph Santello

Charles DeYoung
Alexander Polito
Thomas Rees

Paul Carollo
Ralph Claveria
Michael Dent
Blake Dethlefsen
Tyson Dethlefsen
Michael Karacic
Thomas Kinzer
Connor Moutvic
Andrew O’Neill
Andrew Shaw
Michael Simet
Benjamin Spiegel
Herbert (Parker) Stride
Clayton Tolmie
Charles Weinberger

Terrance Jackson
Colton Kunde
Connor Moutvic
Thomas Rees
Honorable Mention
Eric Gerber
Charlie Murphy

Thomas Rees

Charlie Murphy

Colburn Trutter

Brendan Buss

Andrew O’Neill

Alexander Polito

Colton Kunde

Connor Moutvic

W:  3                       L:  3
W:  3                       L:  6

Lake Forest 14 - Zion Benton 35

Lake Forest 14 - Lake Zurich 42

Game Stats:
Trutter--62 yards receiving with a TD and a 2-point conversion
Rees--242 yards passing
Williams--43 yards rushing
Gerber--40 yards rushing, 10 in the air
Jackson--10 catches for 124 yards, and a rushing TD
Karacic--2 catches for 18 yards
Max Keefe--12 tackles
Nick Keefe, Crowe, and Looby- 5 tackles each

Lake Forest 38 - Grant 35

It was Senior Night for the Scouts and they were ready to play on Varsity Field for the last time. The Scouts kicked off, and the defense took the field first. They forced the Bulldogs to punt after 3 plays and the Scouts Offense, led by senior quarterback Tommy Rees, was ready for their first drive of the night. Scouts drove 40 yards, capped off by TJ Jackson’s 2-yard touchdown run and the Scouts were up 7-0. Grant got the ball, but just like that Mike Karacic recovered a fumble, and the Scouts were back in business. After a long catch by Jackson and some grabs by senior wide receiver Connor Moutvic, the ball was in Jackson’s hands again for a 1-yard touchdown run. Jackson had 76 yards on the ground with two touchdowns--adding 95 more yards on 5 catches. On the Scouts next drive the ball was in the hands of senior running back Eric Gerber as he ran 7 yards for a touchdown. Gerber rushed for 54 yards with 1 touchdown.

The Scouts went in at halftime up 21-14. The Scouts received to start the second half, and Rees found Moutvic in the end zone for a 9-yard reception. Moutvic had 8 catches for 99 yards. After Grant scored, it didn’t take long for the Scouts to answer. On the second play of the drive, Rees found Bo Dever for a 58-yard touchdown pass. Dever had 4 catches for 104 yards. Senior wide receiver Colburn Trutter also pulled in 5 catches for 51 yards. Rees went 22 for 29, passing for 349 yards. To end the scoring for the Scouts, senior kicker Drew O’Neill hit a 33 yarder; he also added 5 extra points. On defense for the Scouts, Tommy Kinzer saved a touchdown with a key 4th-quarter interception in the end zone. Max Keefe led the defense with 16 tackles, while his brother, sophomore Nick had 9. Jack Wassmer and Charlie Murphy each had 6, with a few behind the line. The D-line and linebackers did a great job upfront stopping the option- running Bulldogs.

The Scouts go on the road next week as they travel to Lake Zurich on Friday the 16th, at 7:30.

Lake Forest 42 - Mundelein 6

Tommy Rees completed 14 of 20 passes for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Scouts celebrated Homecoming with a 42-6, running-clock win over Mundelein on Friday night.

It was a wet Homecoming game on Varsity Field Friday night. After holding Mundelein to a 3 and out on their first drive, the Scouts offense went to work. They drove 83 yards, capped off by a 69-yard pass from Tommy Rees to Connor Moutvic for the Scouts first TD of the game. The defense went back out and 4 plays later offense was back on the field. The Scouts drove 70 yards in 5 plays, led by TJ Jackson with two big catches, including the 32-yard reception from Rees to make it 14-0. The defense went out, and after 3 plays, forced Mundelein to punt for the 3rd straight time. Still in the 1st quarter the Scouts were driving again, this time it was sophomore running back Owen Williams. The Scouts went 47 yards on 3 plays. Bo Dever had a 10-yard grab, Williams had a 31-yard gain through the air, and then Rees handed the ball right back to him and he ran 6 yards into the end zone. The Scouts defense stayed strong with another 3 and out ending the first quarter with the Scouts ahead 21-0. The Scouts Defense stayed strong in the 2nd quarter--not letting up on anything, and the Scouts Offense found the end zone yet again. This time on 1 play: an 85-yard pass from Rees to Eric Gerber. The Scouts were able to run out the clock after Anthony Quall picked off a pass as Mundelein was threatening in the red zone; 28-0 at the half. The Scouts got the ball to start the 3rd quarter and took just over a minute to score again. Jackson broke free on a 52-yard touchdown run. As the Scouts went up 35-0 Tommy Rees’s day was done. He went 14-20 for 334 yards and 3 TD’s. His leading receivers on the day: Jackson - 4 catches for 87 yards, Gerber - 3 for 105, Moutvic - 2 for 77 and Dever - 2 for 23. Colburn Trutter and Andrew Shaw also pulled in passes from Rees. Mundelein had the ball a total of 4 times in the 2nd half. This was all with great help by PJ Carollo and Clay Tolmie coming in at QB. A big 4th quarter run came from Williams, who got into the end zone.

Lake Forest 42 - Warren 43 (OT)
Unbeaten Warren edged host Lake Forest 43-42 in overtime when the Blue Devils went for and made a two-point conversion after pulling within 42-41 by scoring a touchdown in the overtime session.

It was a hard fought game on Varsity Field Friday night. Scouts found the end-zone 1st when Rees found Moutvic on a 12-yard pass. Warren tied it up, but not for long. Rees found Moutvic again for a 26-yard throw through the air--but going into half time the game was tied at 14. The Scouts opened up the 2nd half with a big drive resulting in a 1-yard run by TJ Jackson. Jackson had 19 yards rushing, Williams with 14, and Gerber with 10. The 3rd quarter ended tied at 28. For the Scouts Defense, Max Keefe had 10 tackles, Cavalaris had 8, Kinzer and Karacic each had 5, and Kinzer also with an interception. The front 4 rotation also played a great game-- making some key stops, including a fumble recovery by Jason Gunning. The fourth quarter brought more back and forth action. Warren scored early on in the 4th, but the Scouts were not ready to give up. Rees found the end-zone on the ground with 2:20 left. The Scouts WRs did a great job to allow this. Dever stepped up big this week with 8 receptions for 81 yards. Jackson--6 catches for 60 yards, Gerber--3 for 25, Shaw and Williams each 2 for 18, Karacic had 2 for 11 and Trutter pulled in 1 for 10.  After the Blue Devils scored again, the Scouts O still didn’t give up. The Scouts drove the field and ended with a 11-yard pass to Moutvic with 20 seconds left to cause OT. Scouts got the ball 1st and Rees found Moutvic again with a 2-yard pass. Rees went 36 of 57 with 337 yards and 4 TDs with Moutvic receiving 12 of his completions and all 4 TDs. He had 154 yards receiving and 94 more on kickoff returns. Kicker Drew O’Neill is still perfect on the season going 6-6 on extra points and averaged just over 51 yards on kickoffs. The Scouts fell when Warren got the 2 point conversion after their TD in OT.

Lake Forest 21
Stevenson 31
It was a hard-fought battle on Varsity Field Thursday night. The Scouts opened up the scoring when senior RB Eric Gerber ran 25 yards for a touchdown. Gerber had 87-yards on the day. Stevenson added a TD to make it 7-7 at the end of the first quarter. After an early score in the 2nd quarter for Stevenson, there was some good defense on both sides of the ball. Junior LB Max Keefe led the Scouts with 16 tackles, followed closely by junior Cameron Crowe who had 11, including a sack. Junior Mike Karacic had 6 with 1 of them coming behind the line of scrimmage, sophomore Nick Keefe and junior Connor Cavalaris each had 5. Nick also recovered a Stevenson fumble. Our front four ended up with a combined 12 tackles. After a good hold by the D in the last few minutes of the 1st half, they held Stevenson to a field goal and went into the locker room down 17-7. Tommy Rees found Connor Moutvic for a 60-yard TD pass. Moutvic had 114 yards on 7 receptions. Stevenson answered, but the Scouts added another TD when junior RB TJ Jackson ran it in. Jackson had 12 yards on 4 carries. The Scouts were down 24-21 going into the fourth quarter. After some good offense and defense Stevenson was only able to add 7 points. Kicker Drew O’Neill was a perfect 3-3 on extra points again. Rees went 19-27 for 201 yards; Shaw had 3 receptions for 20 yards, Jackson 3 for 20 yards, Dever 2 for 17, Hellinga 2 for 12. Gerber and Trutter also had a catch each.

Lake Forest 38 - Libertyville 28

The Scouts opened up conference play last night at Libertyville with a victory. AfterLibertyville scored to open, it didn’t take long for the Scouts to tie it up. Connor Moutvic ran a kick back 93yards for a touchdown and the game was on. Moutvic had 150 yards on kickoff returns and another 21 on punt returns. Down 21-7 going into the second quarter the Scouts weren’t ready to give up. After a 56-yard drive, Tommy Rees found Moutvic on a 23-yard pass with 2:38 left in the second quarter. The Scouts Defense forced a fumble on Libertyville’s next possession. Rees drove the Scouts 57 yards, capped off by a 28-yard pass to sophomore WR Bo Dever, to tie the game with 27 seconds remaining. Dever also had a 20-yard reception on the day. Tying the score going into halftime created a brand new ball game,  and the Scouts had the momentum. Rees found Moutvic again on a 16-yard pass after a 55-yard drive. Moutvic had 15 receptions for 185 yards. Also helping with the Scouts offense was senior RB EricGerber with54 yards on 9 rushes. Libertyville tied it up again,  but not for long as Rees found sophomore Owen Williams on a 4-yard pass after yet another 57-yard drive to make it 35-28. Rees went 31-45 throwing for 345 yards. TJ Jackson had 8 catches for 49 yards; Jacob Hellinga 3 receptions for 28 yards; Andrew Shaw pulled in 1 for 22 yards and Colburn Trutter had 1 for 9 yards. It was a big day for the Scouts D, Tommy Kinzer picked up a fumble, and Mike Karacic picked off a pass. Max Keefe had 15 tackles on the day, Cameron Crowe had 7, sophomore Nick Keefe and junior Connor Cavalaris each had 4 tackles. The front 4 for the Scouts did a great job up front including a sack by junior Jack Wassmer. Drew O’Neill was a perfect 5 for 5 on extra points and put up 3 on a 38-yard field goal. The Scouts (1-2, 1-0 in conference) take on Stevenson (3-0, 1-0) at home Thursday Night in the Comcast Sports Net High School Football Game of the Week at 7:30

Lake Forest 48 - Kenosha Bradford 56
The Scouts game v Kenosha Braford was a thriller. Both teams were in it to win it, and the Scouts fought hard until the end--but it just wasn’t enough. The Scouts opened the scoring in the first half when senior QB Tommy Rees found WR Connor Moutvic on a 23-yard pass. The game was going back and forth from that point on. Senior RB Eric Gerber found the end zone later in the 1st quarter on an 8-yard run to make it 14-7. Gerber had 74 yards on the ground with another 14 receiving on the day. The Scouts scored again in the first quarter as Rees found Moutvic on another 23-yard pass. The Scouts ended the first quarter up 21-14.The second quarter saw more back and forth action. Rees connected with junior RB TJ Jackson for a 28-yard touchdown. Jackson had 47 yards rushing and an additional 86 receiving. Later that quarter, Rees and Moutvic connected for the third time in the end zone. Moutvic had 15 receptions on the day, with 213 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Scouts went in the locker room at half up 35-28. This battle was not over yet. After a slow third quarter, the game was tied at 35 going into the fourth. Rees found Junior WR Jacob Hellinga for a 13-yard touchdown reception to make it 49-42. Hellinga had 81 yards receiving on the day. Other receivers who also greatly contributed were junior TE Andrew Shaw and sophomore WR Bo Dever, with 59 and 31 yards respectfully. On the defensive  side of the ball, more big things happened. The Scouts D forced 5 fumbles--junior LB Max Keefe had 12 tackles on the day and juniors Cameron Crowe and Mike Karacic each had 7 tackles. Karacic also came up with a fumble recovery. The D-line had some key stops and hits at the line of scrimmage, including senior linemen Brendan Buss, who also picked up a fumble. The Scouts offense kept on playing until the final whistle blew. With 2 seconds remaining in the game, Rees found senior WR Colburn Trutter on a 2-yard pass after a long drive. Trutter had 27 yards on the day. The O-line played a great game giving out offensive holes to run through and giving Rees time to pass. Their valiant effort showed as Rees was 40-54 passing, with 6 touchdowns, racking up 526 yards. Senior kicker Drew O’Neill was perfect on his extra points again going 6/6. Conference Play starts next week for the Scouts as they travel to Libertyville to take on the Wildcats.

Lake Forest 31 - Palatine 38

The Scouts opened the season at Palatine last week. After letting up an early TD the Scouts scored 17 unanswered points. Junior running back TJ Jackson put the Scouts on the board twice, which included a 57-yard run for a touchdown. Jackson had 243 yards on 19 attempts. Senior Kicker Drew O’Neill added to the first-half scoring with 28-yard field goal--making it 17-7. O’Neill was 4/4 on extra points on the day. Palatine wasn’t going to give up easily though, scoring 17 points to end the first half--making the score 17-24. The Scouts weren’t going to go down without a fight. The defense held Palatine to only 14 points in the second half. Junior linebackers Cameron Crowe and Max Keefe each had 10 tackles, Senior linemen Brendan Buss 3 tackles for a loss, and Charlie Murphy 1 sack and a fumble recovery.  Fighting from behind the whole second half, Senior running back Eric Gerber had a 47-yard touchdown run to make it 24-31. Gerber rushed for 99 yards on 7 attempts. The Scouts kept fighting til the end when Senior QB Tommy Rees found the end zone on his feet to end the scoring and make it 31-38. Rees connected with Senior receiver Connor Moutvic 9 times for 71 yards and Junior Jacob Hellinga 4 times for 33 yards. The Offensive line helped the Scouts with 477 yards on the day. The Scouts come home for the first time this season on Friday to take on Kenosha Bradford at 7:30.

Archived Game Summaries/Results--Fall, 2008
Lake County News-Sun 2008 All-Lake County Football Team:
(full story)
Quarterback--Tom Rees, Lake Forest
Defensive Linemen--Scott Covert, Lake Forest
Defensive Back---Jonathan Sobinsky, Lake Forest
Second Team--Wide Receiver--Connor Moutvic, Lake Forest

2008 Football Awards
Danny Olson
Most Improved Offensive Player
Charlie Deyoung
Most Improved Defensive Player
Jake Quaid Chris Martinat Memorial Award
Scott Covert Most Valuable Defensive Player
John Goense Wayne Whitmore Memorial Award
Tom Rees
Most Valuable Defensive Award

Lake Forest 14 - Lemont 39--game summary

Lake Forest 7 - Libertyville 24 -- game summary

Lake Forest 35 - Zion Benton 26

Lake Forest beats Wauconda in a shoot out:
Lake Forest 65 - Wauconda 52 (game highlights)

Lake Forest 36 - Mundelein 0 (game highlights)
-Gerber--11 rushes for 83 yards 1 TD)
 -Cavaleris--6 rushes for 36 yard - 5 receptions for 36 yards (1 TD)
 -Goldberg--5 rushes for 87 yards (1 TD)
 -Moutvic--5 receptions for 105 yards (2 TD's)
 -Sobinsky--3 receptions for 27 yards
 -Head--3 receptions for 28 yards
 -Rees--17-32 for 196 yards
The defense played extremely well--shutting Mundelein out on their Homecoming.

Lake Forest 21 - Warren 42 (game summary)

Lake Forest 0 - Stevenson 33
(game stats)

Lake Forest 41 - Deerfield 32 (game highlights)

Lake Forest junior quarterback, Thomas Rees, threw first-half scoring passes of 20 yards to Connor Moutvic and four yards to David Head. In the third quarter, he connected with Head on a 12-yard TD pass and then with Moutvic again on a 97-yard TD pass.

Lake Forest 30 - Palatine 15
(game highlights)
Junior quarterback Thomas Rees completed 32 of 53 passes for 261 yards and
3 touchdowns, leading the Scouts to a dramatic 30-15 win Friday night over Palatine
during their first home night game under the lights at the new varsity field.

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