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On November 7, 2006 community members were asked to vote on a $54 million building bond referendum to fund the renovation and expansion of Lake Forest High School’s Academic East Campus and to improve portions of the West Campus facility and fields. Recognizing our communities’ tradition of thoughtful preparation for the next generation of students, this comprehensive plan has been several years in the making. The plan reflects the findings of the Strategic Planning Committee, numerous citizen and staff planning groups, and the Board of Education.

Since the last Lake Forest High School building referendum (16 years ago) educational methods to prepare students for college and beyond have changed significantly. Additionally, our enrollment has increased by over 60%. Lake Forest High School needs to remain current in order toprepare our students for life and work in an increasingly technological and competitive global economy. In developing the plan, educational objectives were defined, then architectural schematics were reviewed and streamlined until only those identified as essential remained.

It is the Board of Education’s unanimous position that the recommended improvements are necessary to keep Lake Forest High School academically competitive with other high-performing schools; are fiscally responsible; and provide a long-range plan for our students and community. This report outlines the plan and addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about this initiative.

“Competitive high schools currently provide extended labs for ALL of their science students. Due to a lack of lab space, we can only offer extended labs to the Advanced Placement (AP) students. This is just one example of the academic concerns we need to address to remain competitive with other high performing school districts.”
- Dr. Harry Griffith, Superintendent

Plan Overview

This long-range plan would:
• Expand East Campus to keep Lake Forest High School academically competitive with other high performing schools,

• Meet current and projected enrollment needs,• Address safety and security concerns,

• Transfer more athletic and administrative functions to West Campus to make room for an improved academic program at East Campus, and

• Minimize financial impact on the taxpayer by issuing new building bonds (as the bonds from the 1990 referendum come to retirement) that would be funded over the next 20 years with no projected tax rate increase.
Building Plans
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East Campus
West Campus