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Social-Emotional Support

Student Support Team
Social / Emotional Support


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The Student Support Team (SST) is comprised of three social workers and two psychologists who provide individual and group counseling to students with various social/emotional needs. Students can be referred to an SST member by teachers, guidance counselors, or parents in order to discuss a wide range of issues. Students are also encouraged to stop by our office at any time to make appointments for themselves or refer a friend in need of support.

SST members believe that needs which exist in a more personal domain should be addressed so that students can achieve their academic goals and be successful in the school environment. Stress, anxiety, and depression are popular examples of emotions that our students may encounter. These difficult emotions can often adversely affect students and create roadblocks towards educational success. SST exists in order to provide the support needed to get through difficult times and help students reach their maximum potential---socially, emotionally, and academically.

Illinois Youth Survey 2010 - Non Participation Request

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Support Groups:
Our confidential support groups provide a safe place for individuals to share experiences with others who are dealing with similar challenges. Group topics and meeting times vary each semester. Student groups generally meet once a week during lunch periods. Parent group schedules are flexible based on availability.

Current Student Groups:

Remembrance Group: This group meets monthly in order for students to discuss and process the loss of a loved one or family member.

Unwind (stress management group): Open to all students at LFHS, this group provides a forum for students to discuss and identify stressors and develop healthy coping skills.

Survivor: Open to all students at LFHS, this group watches the weekly reality TV show Survivor and analyzes the varying aspects of social and emotional competence. Topics such as communication, team work, relationship building, and social skills are addressed as they arise in the show and processed in relation to the students and their own lives.

Current Parent Groups:

Father’s Group: All fathers within the district are welcomed to attend. This group meets the first Saturday of every month, from 8:30-10am at Northern Trust Bank. Topics vary based on supportive and educational interests.

Mother’s Group: This group originated due to concerns from parents of freshman girls who were exhibiting high-risk behaviors. This group meets monthly to provide mothers of adolescent girls with the support and information needed to navigate through the high school years.

Peer Training: Sponsored by CROYA, Peer Training is an opportunity for students at LFHS to better themselves as individuals, as well as help their peers develop the skills essential to life after high school. Topics such as active listening, problem solving, and healthy decision making are discussed.

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